Choosing Restorations

Factors for Choosing the Right Dental Restoration

Between routine wear and accidental damage, teeth are constantly being worn down. At a certain point, most patients will require some form of dental restoration. Without seeking the right treatment in a timely fashion, individuals put themselves at risk of more dental damage, potentially compromising their oral and overall health. As a result, knowing your restoration options and covering which treatment will work best for your smile is a critical preventive necessity.

There are several factors that go into determining the best dental restoration that fulfills a patient’s health needs. Some of these factors include:

Know the Cause of Damage

Knowing what damaged your smile allows dentists to develop treatment plans that can prevent recurring dental problems. For example, while tooth loss caused by a sports accident can be avoided in the future with the use of an athletic bite guard, tooth loss as the result of periodontal disease requires a more comprehensive dental solution.

Long-term Implications

Just as inadequate care for dental damage can open the door for returning issues, immediately over-treating the dentition by providing unnecessary restorations can also lead to future oral problems. As a result, when considering dental restorations patients must think about the long-term impact a restoration will have on the smile. For instance, while a dental bridge may provide an immediate tooth replacement solution, the treatment requires altering neighboring healthy teeth. Over time, this can increase the risk of needing additional and more extensive dental restorations.


Most restorations will require some form of replacement in the future to ensure continued oral function. While some may appear to be lower in cost upfront, the long-term maintenance and replacement costs can make them more expensive than originally predicted. It’s important to acknowledge possible long-term costs when weighing different restorative options that can help patients make more informed decisions about the future wellbeing of their smile.

Restorative Dentistry in New Orleans

At Timothy Delcambre, DDS, MHA, we want patients to have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their oral health care. Through one-on-one consultations with Dr. Delcambre, patients are enabled to understand their unique oral health needs and identify which restorative solution will best fit their smile. For more information about our available dental restoration treatment options, contact our New Orleans Dentist today. 

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